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Founding Court Interpretation In Iran
Sassanid Art
Book Release
Upcoming Fall Event
Latest Works

Services 4.9.16

Founding Court Interpretation in Iran

As a court interpreter I cannot emphasize enough the significance of an authentic and effective exchange of information during a legal proceeding. This article discusses how the lack of a proper court interpreting is causing challenges and deficiencies in the Iranian judicial system. Interestingly, and contrary to the current politically driven context around Iran, this article cites non-political examples to raise the problem. Read more


Sassanid Art

Ancient Persian Art (Sassanid Art) Articles

The Sassanid Art was created by the ingenuity of its founder Ardashir and moved towards excellence in a specified framework. Most of the Sassanid art contents and concepts have roots in pre-Sassanid cultures such as Elamite civilization, early history cultures (such as Hasanlu, Ziviyeh, Lorestan, …), and especially Achaemenid and Parthian era. Read more

Book rel & poem dic newsltr 7.2016

Latest work

Translated Iran Talks
Currently working to establish the Farsi-English language combination in ATA’s Certification Program
Completed book translation
Language consultant for language testing center Read more

Fall Upcoming Event

A two-day workshop on learning Farsi as a foreign language for adults using CLT principles taught by Ana Bayat.

Newsltr july read our blog


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