Farsi Language Center is a leading Farsi (Persian) linguistic services company in the United-States. Dedicated to improving the quality of Farsi linguistic services in this country, Farsi Language Center works with various entities and institutions to develop a certification program for Farsi translators. The center is also providing expert linguistic services for its existing clientele.



In 2010, in response to the growing need for high quality Farsi translation on the East coast, Sepideh Moussavi founded Fravahr Translation. During the first 7 years, Sepideh focused her efforts on developing high quality Farsi translation and interpretation services. The company grew to include a range of services from book translations to legal and diplomatic interpretations to transcription and proofreading. As the company continued its expansion, it began providing language coaching services and subject matter expertise. Consequently, Fravahr Translation underwent a transformation to incorporate comprehensive linguistic services encompassing resources for Farsi linguists and became the Farsi Language Center.


Our Goal:

As part of an effort to increase the quality of Farsi linguistic services, Farsi Language Center is currently working on establishing a Farsi <> English language pair for the American Translators Association (ATA). Once established, the ATA will begin examination to certify Farsi translators.



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Sepideh Moussavi began her linguistic career 26 years ago with translations and interpretation to and from French, English and Farsi for companies overseas. While studying in California, she continued her work as a translator and interpreter at schools, healthcare facilities and Universities. A member of the American Translators Association (ATA), Sepideh is currently aiding the ATA in creating its Farsi certification by establishing a new language pair (English to and from Farsi) and influencing the design and curriculum for the Persian (Farsi) translator program. Once completed, Sepideh and her team will be the first Persian (Farsi) translators certified by the ATA.
Sepideh has interpreted for TV news channels like MSNBC, the Asia Society, and the Federal and New York State courts systems. She has translated books, articles, and publishing materials for individuals, museums, and universities. Sepideh has lived and studied in Iran, France, and the United-States and holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from California State University, Northridge.

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