Farsi Language Center

Welcome! !خوش آمدید

(Khosh- aamadid)


The primary purpose of the Farsi Language Center is to improve the quality of Farsi Linguistic services in the United-States by: providing first-class Farsi linguistic services, establishing a language pair for Farsi certification at the American Translators Association (ATA), and offering resources and language coaching services for prospective Farsi linguists. The ATA certification program is at the forefront of our projects. This undertaking will allow us to achieve higher quality Farsi translations and interpretations in the United-States, to safeguard the Persian language, and to join the rest of the world who have already established and made their languages known by the ATA. To learn more click here.


The Center is designed to serve institutions, firms and individuals who need Farsi linguistic services including, translation and interpretation; transcription; editing; proofreading; language coaching; and subject matter expertise. We also assist Farsi linguists and individuals who want to become Farsi translators and interpreters. For more information about our services please click here.


Member of the American Translators Association (ATA)

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To date, some of our clients include the NY State, NJ and Federal courts, MSNB, Columbia University, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We also serve the State of California in providing language coaching services for the training of court interpreters. Additionally, we provide translation and interpretation services for individuals and businesses as well as subject matter expertise for a major national testing center.



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142 West 57th. Street, 11th. Floor, New York, NY 10019

(212) 304 -4400